Editor’s Note

"The answer to intolerance is not more intolerance."
April Ngo
Citizen Obsessed is a media platform dedicated to diversity in thought; an open space where dialogue and dissent can roam freely, and where people are encouraged to responsibly express their views in order to inspire others to look beyond their own biases, however controversial, however difficult. At the core of every monumental change, there must be a will to understand.

We’re independent.

That means we are not pushing anyone’s agenda, we are not loyal to one party over another. No one is doing us any favors. We’ve got our own point of view and we do it our own way. This isn’t personal. We just want to keep it honest, keep it real and keep it going.

We’re all in, we don’t owe anyone anything.
We don’t participate in the traditional news cycle. Journalism is a dirty job ruled by ratings and money. We don’t seek to be part of that. The only narrative we drive is yours. We expect every writer to take accountability for their views and to expect to have those views challenged. No man is an island and no man progresses alone.

Muscle velocity is everything.

To learn something new you have to keep pushing. It’ll be ugly and chaotic and controversial but to get anything done, to change people’s hearts and minds, you’ve got to keep forcing it. Never lose energy. We don’t mind that you have a bias, we just want you to be ok with the fact that everyone else has one as well and we want you to be prepared to engage in that conversation.

– April

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