Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Who We Are


Citizen Obsessed was founded in December 2018 as a news source to combat the polarized media market today, and to promote human rights. It serves as a weblog for moderate voices covering events, issues, and people in the news. Also passionate about international justice, Citizen Obsessed offers a digital storytelling platform looking at humanitarian crises.

Citizen Obsessed puts emphasis on promoting dialogue rather than repeat partisan talking points and is guided by the principle that diversity in thought should be celebrated, not shunned.

We live by the notion that one should be able to validate someone else’s fears without labeling them ‘bigot’. Ignorance will never fight ignorance; we must fight with education and compassion.
“It’s not left or right – it’s forward”

Some facts about Citizen O today:

(1) Citizen O is NOT affiliated with any political party and will not be endorsing any candidates – though future co-writers may indicate their own party loyalties or candidate preferences as they see fit.

(2) Citizen O seeks to offer its diverse readership thoughtful and detailed discussions of issues, events and news personalities.

(3) Citizen O remains firm on promoting and defending Free Speech and will not conform to any restrictions as mandated by law or others, which violates the First Amendment.

(4) Citizen O writers come from diverse viewpoints and are nuanced in their views. This means that the content offered will be a virtual menu of different right, left, center and other voices – news is offered because they offer relevance and varying perspectives and not always an accurate reflection of the author’s own point of view.

(5) Citizen O is not limited by only political coverage but will also offer original reporting and other articles about popular culture always remaining true to our ethos on inclusion.


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