Disclaimer: I believe feminism is needed in some parts of the world and I believe all and any sexual assault allegations must be taken seriously.

What I do not believe in, however, is feminism which promotes exemptions for women, which brings me back to what I want to discuss today. What we witnessed with the Ford case and what the #METOO movement really highlighted was the danger that women have the power to inflict guilt on accusation alone. It was so disappointing to watch the incredibly partisan debate unfold, in a way that left no nuance whatsoever to an extremely important conversation. It was discouraging not only as a woman but as a human, to observe the hysteria to rally around Ford as if somehow she was the poster-child for women’s rights.

The Harvey Weinstein debacle, as disgusting as he may be, caused cultural critics such as Camille Paglia to recommend violence as an appropriate response to his behavior. This instantly made me think of the thousands of protesters during the Kavanaugh trial. To what end was this group of self-congratulatory radicals there but if not to perpetuate violence and how do they justify it? I have never seen a bigger disconnect between ideology and action take place. The Kavanaugh trial brought on an onslaught of nasty in women that I did not know to exist prior to this. I had never seen so many women rush to judgment and abandon basic concepts of fairness so fast. It was absolutely terrifying to watch; the extremist views that were cemented during the trial pushed the boundaries of fascist thought process. The Blasey supporters reasoned with a complete absence of intellectual discourse and seemed to operate on the premise that people who didn’t believe Ford were misogynists who didn’t believe victims, and women who testified with apparent vulnerability could only speak truth; it was the most subtle yet dangerous way to obscure the truth.

It sadly offered me some evidence towards my own hypothesis in life that most humans don’t have the capacity for higher critical thinking, not excluding myself from any criticism, especially when reflecting on the self and the actions of the self, thus they just turn into a mass of herd mentality zombies spouting mindless rhetoric. Do we not need due diligence anymore? Do women get a pass because we assume that men have monopoly on things such as lying, aggression, violence, deceit, and assault? We shouldn’t believe anyone regardless of gender when their claims are inconsistent with the facts and evidence but somehow holding that viewpoint has become controversial.

The #METOO movement was important for those who needed it, but it also allowed a plethora of vile people to abuse it unchecked which ultimately caused it to never hold any real virtue by being based on a fundamentally wrong and frankly cruel tenant of feminism that promotes narcissism and self-aggrandizing lies.