Meghan Markle’s Pretentious Vogue Cover

Vogue proves once again it should have absolutely nothing to do with politics. If you weren’t aware, Meghan Markle, beloved princess of Prince Harry, guest-edited the September issue of British Vogue, with a cover featuring 15 “trailblazing” female role models of her choosing. The women include actress and activist Jameela Jamil, actor Jane Fonda, activist Greta Thunberg, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, trans actor Laverne Cox, Adwoa Aboah, Salma Hayek, Yara Shahidi, and other notable models and celebrities. These women were chosen because of who they are, not because of what they have achieved, yet we are supposed to fawn over them as role models and see them as a source of inspiration? No thanks, Vogue. 

The problem isn’t the concept itself but what message it sends and who it’s coming from. The irony of Meghan Markle, queen of lavish lifestyles and petty authoritarianism, presenting herself as a social-justice warrior with lessons for everyone on mental health, feminism, and racism, is just a little too vomit-inducing for my simple taste. 

Meghan’s Vogue guest-edit is nothing but a desperate, contrived act by the Duchess to reinvent herself as Princess of the People and gain popularity. God knows she needs it. The British press has reported her to be difficult and entitled, butting heads with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the royal family, constantly berating her staff and causing drama wherever she goes. The barrage of negative media attention around Meghan at one point got so bad that Prince Harry released a statement via Kensington Palace lambasting the media attention for its “wave of abuse and harassment”. Maybe Harry was right in his criticism of the media. Or maybe Harry is blinded by love and can’t see what is painfully clear for everyone else.

There’s no denying that British press can be absolutely vile and how they exploit people is sickening, but when there is an overwhelming amount of undeniable facts that point to a certain conclusion then they should be considered – regardless of whether or not they fit one’s own narrative or bias.

The truth is Meghan Markle was a c-list actress in the United States who didn’t really have any stardom in Hollywood and then took her social-climbing self and headed across the Atlantic Ocean to seek fame and fortune there. She is disingenuous in everything she does and her edit of Vogue’s September issue is no exception. Choosing only leftist activist pals to advocate your political agenda is transparent and embarrassing. 

Women on twitter were outraged and rightly so with many posting that the women were ‘unrelatable’ and pointing out that these celebrity women were hardly real forces of change. Where was Sonia Gandhi? Melinda Gates? Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner? Michelle Bachelet? No female scientists, no female nurses or doctors, no women in service or real game-changers and not a single non-celebrity because that would’ve required Meghan to mingle with the commoners – something we all know she’s way too precious for. After all, why include real women who are actively working to help humanity when you can promote your famous self-serving friends?

Not to mention Meghan largely ignoring her British audience with the Vogue edit by only including 5 British women on the cover and then selecting former First Lady Michelle Obama for the featuring editorial. Like it or not, it is the obligation of all royal members to persistently promote the royal brand at every opportunity and Meghan opting not to, shows that she’s more interested in selling herself to the American market than her adopted British one. 

While there is nothing inherently flawed with the cover itself or the women who grace it, Meghan’s choice was nothing short of misguided and patronizing. But I guess this kind of shameless virtue-signalling is exactly what to be expected from the woman who claims she’s going to save the planet by stopping at two children – laughable. 

The “Force for Change” issue will be available in September. Oh and it’ll be five times more expensive than a normal issue because you know, moral virtue is costly. Especially the royal kind.

Photo by PA Wire via Reuters/GettyImages 

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