The Intolerant Left

A political demographic which has always prided themselves on tolerance has now become the leading force in undermining our democracy. It used to be the little Trumplings that were the apparent threat to America but these days there is a new fascist group; the intolerant liberal left. It is evident that people on both sides of the aisle thrive on public disruption but the hypocrisy of the left and their supposed moral high ground has reached new dangerous levels of influence. People don’t usually expect liberals to be intolerant because it’s not a quality typically associated with the liberal left but the party’s politics have become increasingly inflammatory and progressive liberalism today doesn’t represent what it used to. It has become a movement of illiberalism, which seeks to dominate the political conversation by oppressive coercion tools. The social justice warriors that define the movement are nothing but a swarm of culturally indoctrinated individuals who will easily dismiss the constitution when suitable, tune out anything that doesn’t support their viewpoints and attempt to persecute any diversity across the political spectrum. 

I’m not advocating for the restriction or denial of civil rights for any social group; we are all equal, but what it means to be liberal today is to stifle dissent and shut down debate from the other side. There is a provincial debate style adopted by the so-called progressive left which suggests that if A is somehow associated with B and B, unknown to A whether or not is associated with C then A and C must be closely linked ergo if I am pro-life I must also be a racist. This limited type of approach leaves little to no room for nuance, which should be key in any progressive thought process. Gone are the days where being liberal meant campaigning for dignity, open markets, basic social human rights and the belief that progress could and would be achieved through debate and reform. The people who call themselves Democrats, liberals, progressives or socialist Democrats today do not stand for those values; modern liberalism has become an autocratic system which not only dominates government but also education and thus threatens our entire democracy. The new liberal progressives are a dangerous alliance, one that it is considered dangerous to oppose.

The idea that the liberal left of today should represent collectivism is somewhat misguided; modern liberalism is not completely collectivist. It is sociology that has been composed by assembling principles off of the liberal menu and trying to make it into a coherent ideology. The result is disjointed and far removed from the political philosophy of the Founding Fathers. Classical liberalism of the past believed in liberty and its philosophy remains the cornerstone of the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers and several other notable documents produced by the people who created the American government.

Modern liberalism in the 20th century has rejected what was great about classical liberalism (mainly defense of civil and economic liberties) and instead implemented a system where need equates claim; people’s claims either as individuals or collective groups have become the driving force in shaping the state systems. Modern liberals today are not revolutionaries; they are hostile individuals that are ready to incent and enact violence upon facing disagreement. The pendulum has swung too far for the leftist progressives and tilted them over to a new breed of insanity for example Antifa. Antifa are loosely affiliated groups of young people that wear masks and aggressively confront right-wing and conservative groups. They have stormed countless university campuses, engaged in outright violence and excessive verbal harassment since their inception. The idea that they should get a pass on their violence because it’s directed towards white supremacists and the right-wing is a display of modern-day anarchism.

What is the definition of fascism? It is a system of forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism by use of aggression. Single acts don’t make a trend but in today’s highly polarized and divided society, we should call people out, on the left and right alike, when the moral lines have gone so far beyond hypocrisy that political violence is accepted as an attractive option to make your case.

I don’t stand for the alt-right and I could not be further away from the progressive far left, but what I do take issue with is a political alliance which pertains to hold a moral high ground when in fact it resorts to the exact same tribal behavior as those it seeks to fight.

Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters

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