Conservatives are losing badly when it comes to letting Candace Owens represent them

Everybody knows politics is not only about philosophy, but also about mass appeal. It’s an unfortunate fact, but “bread and circus” is not an empty observation. Wisdom without the ability to make an impact is useless. The right didn’t have this culture until the Left completely took over media and entertainment, and then they realized that there was a market for the same product on the right.

And this is how we’ve ended up with a new brand of “own the libs” conservatism spearheaded by talking point robots like Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Steven Crowder, Milo, etc (none of who are nearly the intellectuals they need to be for the role they’re trying to play).

Now, it really bothers me when I hear people call Candace Owens smart. That gives her way too much credibility because anyone can memorize the five basic bullet points TPA has been spouting for the past 7 or so years. Anytime there’s a decent level of push back that throws her from her flow chart of talking points, whether that be about black issues, climate change, or immigration, she falls apart.

She routinely tells half-truths and twists historical contexts to put the responsibility on black people. When she says there’s a problem with black culture, or the black family, etc., the next question should be “Why?” What context or policies result in this, and what structural changes can help? Instead, she insinuates that the burden of resolution rests solely on our shoulders. When people compare cultures, they must either accept that there are materialistic roots to all cultures, or they are insinuating that groups are genetically predisposed to their statuses and the hierarchies that exist in societies are natural. (That’s the starting point of white supremacy.)

Owens plays off of the ideas that one party is bad and the other is good when in reality neither party is good. There is no working-class party, anti-war party, grassroots funded party, etc. Her prime argument is “black people need to stop acting like victims and stop acting like the system isn’t working for you” and like any hack, she literally weaponizes her blackness when it’s convenient for her.

Her sole purpose is to convince uninformed black voters to join the Republican party, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but as far as political activists go, she’s a hack and a bad-faith actor. Less than three years ago she was a staunch left-wing SJW with an anti-Trump website, but once she realized she could make way more money as a right-wing grifter she abandoned the left and became a faux Trump-worshipping republican.

Having, in moments of morbid curiosity, listened to and read her newest hot takes on Twitter, one wonders what exactly the cultural, moral and ethical disagreements Candace has with left-liberals that could possibly warrant such a “Culture War”. However, the truth quickly becomes abundantly clear: it’s all about the Benjamins.

It pays to be a coon. Let’s not forget Candace Owens got a settlement because of a racist incident that happened to her while she was in school. Now she claims racism doesn’t exist because white people will pay her to act like it doesn’t. She doesn’t have a single deep-rooted conservative fundamental value. She thrives on controversy and has a charming Youtube channel with video titles such as “Mom, Dad…I’m a conservative” and “The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid,” among others. She’s not someone on the right worth listening to.

Her arguments are consistently lazy and self-serving. She intentionally avoids the more difficult questions, goofs off on what she does choose to tackle, and refuses to meaningfully engage in any follow-ups despite others’ prodding. Not exactly the hallmark of a probing and far-ranging mind. Just your typical “boilerplate” for conservatives who lack originality.

If you want decent conservative opinions, there are sources out there. George Will has always been a pretty good conservative voice, the people at Cato Institute publish decent work most of the time, and Clarence Thomas writes some of the best legal opinions out there. There are intellectually engaging conservatives, Candace Owens just isn’t one of them.

She is far too willing to use a conservative talking point on the strength of its popularity rather than its immanent, logical value, and has the same simple-minded approach to complex issues that she hates so much in the Left. But whereas the Left is often either absurdly reductive or needlessly complicated on any given issue, Owens prefers both, limiting the world to sound-bites even as she throws in pointless variables that ultimately confuse even Candace herself. She’s pretty good at giving off the illusion of intellectual arguments, but if you break them apart it’s almost nothing but strawmen, whataboutisms and red meat to conservatives.

Candace Owens has indisputably garnered success because of her arguably ‘good looks’, race, and gender, to serve as a puppet for lobbying interests. She isn’t some heroic unapologetic Black conservative activist destined to be the next Martin Luther King. She’s a “performer” who doesn’t believe a word of what she says and who “plays victim” just as much as the leftists she decries. There is nothing intelligent to draw from her hollow ideals, and her brand of “conservatism” is a mix of opportunism, personal grievances, canned slogans, and paranoid conspiracy theories.

As a conservative, you might want to look elsewhere for inspiration than Candace Owens’ empire of misinformation.
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