Change Hearts, Change Minds.
Don’t be limited by your own bias. Don’t point fingers at others. Welcome all diversity, especially diversity in thought. Seek understanding instead of condemning ignorance. Rise above the hate you rebuke. Don’t stand stand by party, stand by intelligence. Do not be limited to perceived reality and biases. – April N

CO x Footage Foundation

Citizen Obsessed is currently supporting Footage Foundation in their efforts to close the gap between individual and global development and in preparing and executing their largest fundraising campaign to date.

CO is invested in fundraising efforts for Footage Foundation’s campaign ‘StrengthIN’ in New York June 1-10th, 2019.

#StrengthIN is creating a more holistic blueprint for sustainable development, one that takes into account overlooked human needs such as a sense of self-worth and connection. This global initiative will provide urgently needed data demonstrating the connection between individual and global development.

Funds raised during the campaign will support the world’s first evidence-based initiative focused on sustainable development and the mental, social, and emotional well-being of vulnerable young women across 10 countries.

Join me in supporting Footage Foundation and all their good work to help amplifying women all over the world.

Invest, join the events around London and NYC and enjoy meeting and learning from inspiring women for a more connected world.


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Manafort On General Principles Of Humanity, And I Agrees

I just want to make it very clear that my opposition to Manafort’s treatment is neither partisan or new. I have in the past passionately advocated against the horrors of solitary confinement, something I share with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Reacting to the news of Manafort’s sentence, Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to publically condemn the use […]

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Yoga for a Cause – Event for Footage Foundation

Some highlights from today’s fundraising and well-being workshop for Footage Foundation in Central Park, New York. Invest in humanity HERE.

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When you threaten freedom of speech, you threaten democracy

The rise of intolerance today is unprecedented. The democratic world has made ‘tolerance’ its number one social mission and as victimized groups rightly continue to lobby for laws that remove stigmas against them, they also wrongly, impose these laws on their so-called oppressors. Are you better than your bully if you stoop to the same […]

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