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Laura Carpenter – CEO & Co-Founder of Abridge News

Meet Laura Carpenter, CEO & Founder of Abridge News, which is a political news platform that makes it easy for readers to engage with different sides of an issue. Abridge News's proprietary technology, the 'Opinion Spectrum', offers multiple perspectives of a debate allowing readers the opportunity to see viewpoints across the entirety of the political spectrum.

Understanding Extreme Views

The far-right and far-left at first glance seem like polar opposites. But are they? While their motivations are very different, both camps employ militant strategies, both share a deep disdain for the government and both are profoundly alienated from certain aspects of society and extremely critical of what they perceive as the moral degeneration of government institutions.

Médecins Sans Frontières – A closer look with Emily Copple

I had the pleasure of picking Emily Copple’s brain some time ago. She was heading up the Nursing Activity team in Ethiopia for Medecins Sans Frontieres when we spoke, but she’s currently gearing up for her next project in Bangladesh. I wanted to talk to her to get a deeper insight into what MSF really does and help people understand the incredible importance of non-profits, and the impact that MSF has on improving third world communities.